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Become a true creature scientist! Add a touch of imaginative role play fun to every experiment session with the Beaker Creatures Lab Gear from Learning Resources. Little scientists can look the part with this set that includes a white Beaker Creatures lab coat and pair of pretend lab glasses cast in the official Beaker Creatures orange. Clad in this science-y costume, kids can turn their science adventures with Beaker Creatures into memorable imaginative journeys, whether they're extracting mysterious alien creatures from bubbling Reactor Pods or performing a hands-on science experiment from a Beaker Creatures guide. Beaker Creatures Lab Gear pairs with all Beaker Creatures lab sets (including the Liquid Reactor Super Lab, Whirling Wave Reactor, and Magnification Chamber) as well as other science experiment sets. The included lab coat and glasses fit most children ages 3–6, and are sturdy enough to survive multiple mad science experiments and crazy creature reactions. Ages 5 and up.

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