Bears and Chairs Speech and Language Kit


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This kit contains 12 colourful bears (6 large, 6 small), 1 chair and 60 picture cards
divided into 3 levels of difficulty.
Help children ages 3 and up:
šŸŽ Understand and give instructions
šŸŽLearn key position words
šŸŽIncrease their auditory memory
šŸŽStrengthen social communication skills
Children will enjoy moving the colourful bears around a cute little chair as they practice
understanding and then giving instructions in a fun, interactive and meaningful way.
Location words such as “on”, “under” and “behind” are frequently used in instructions
but often difficult for children to master. How well a child understands and can use
these types of words will impact their success as little communicators. Take it to the
next level (in level 3) by adding some common quantity words into the mix.

Bears & Chair
The Bears & Chair kit is intended to help children improve their ability to understand and give instructions in two ways: 

1. By targeting the following words that are frequently used in instructions yet often difficult for children to master:  Position words - on, under, behind, beside and in front. Quantity words - single, couple, few, all and all except

2. By helping children understand and give instructions that increase by one small piece of information at a time. For this reason, the picture cards are divided into 3 levels of difficulty that increase by one important word at a time:
Level 1 - Instructions contain 2 pieces of information:
                     colour + position

Level 2 - Instructions contain 3 pieces of information: 
                     size + colour + position

 Level 3 - Instructions contain 4-5 pieces of information: 
                     size + colour + position + quantity

 Children can grow one small step at time!

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