New Sprouts® Deluxe Market Set


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Product Description

This deluxe market set combines some of our best New Sprouts(R) food items from an amazingly realistic T-bone steak to enticing fresh produce. Unlike other play food our New Sprouts(R) are easy to grip and won't collapse. Can't decide what New Sprouts(R) to get? This set is a sure bet for hours of inspired play.

Educational Benefits

Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile
Skill Development: Sorting, Matching, Choice making, Imaginative play, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Visual processing, Color identification, Vocabulary building, Language development, Social interaction

1 Bushel basket, 1 Shopping basket, Apple, Pear, Lemon, Strawberry, Grapes, Asparagus, Corn, Carrot, Cucumber, Broccoli, Juice box, Orange, Potato, Yogurt, 2 Slices of bread, Cinnamon roll, 3 Pretzels, 2 Slices of cheese, Salami Cookie, 2 Lettuce leaves, Tomato slice, Ice cream sandwich, Steak, Hot dog

-Age: 2+
-Grades: Toddler +

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