When My Body Is Feeling Scared


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Do you ever wish you learned more as a kid about your feelings and how to manage your emotions? If we as adults struggle at times to cope with our big emotions in healthy ways, imagine how hard it must be for our children. As parents, professionals and caregivers who love on children everyday, it can be challenging to see our kids engulfed in fear. We often want to minimize the problem so that they are no longer uncomfortable or in emotional pain. However, if we want our kids to grow up with the confidence and skills necessary to navigate the emotional highs and lows of life, we must teach and empower them how to do so early on.

How do we do this and when do we find the time? The answer is simple - at story time.

With the help of little belly beans and friends, this children's book guides the reader on a journey of what feeling scared looks like on the outside, feels like on the inside and how to work through their fear when they feel it in their body. If we want kids to know that feeling scared is okay, we must show them it is okay. Photos of people expressing a variety of emotions are intentionally showcased in the book to deliver the message that all emotions are normal to feel and are neither good or bad.

Nurturing our little ones' mental health is a big job and I know you can do it! Grab your copy of When My Body is Feeling Scared today and continue the great work that you are already doing.

This book has been assisted by the province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, its arts funding agency.

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