STEAM Design Challenges, Grade K


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Perfect for Makerspace!

This kindergarten teacher resource book includes:

-A year's worth of teacher lesson plans
-STEAM design challenges that turn elementary students into inventors
-Easy-to-follow lesson format (with standards identified for each lesson)
-Classroom-tested lessons
-The STEAM Design Challenges in this book follow engineering practices to teach students in kindergarten to solve a problem by designing, creating, and justifying their designs. They also allow art to support and enhance the learning of -science and math while the engineering process is followed.

These engaging STEAM lessons:

-Integrate the Next Generation Science Standards and national standards from other disciplines
-Enhance learning across various disciplines
-Facilitate students in collaborating to solve real-world scenarios
-Promote critical thinking, analytical thinking, and reflective thinking
-Incorporate the Five Es Instructional Model (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate)
-Are classroom tested

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